It’s Sunday, but on Saturday, Cathie and I went to one of my favorite places for our walk.  The Pier in Oceanside, CA!    I try to get at least 30 minutes of walking in and today, we decided to go out to the end and back twice.   It is 1954 feet long.  We walked out and back 2 times or 4 x 1954 = 7816 feet.   We were 104 feet shy of 1.5 miles.  We made the walk from our car parked a half block from the entrance to the pier and back in 44 minutes (using the parking meter as a timing instrument) + or –  a minute.

At the end of the pier is Ruby’s restaurant, one of my favorites!  We did not stop in – this time – and enjoyed our walk.  We saw 3 Pelicans and a few seagulls.  Several teen girls were entertaining the crowd by feeding them fish parts they scavenged from local fisher persons and the cleaning station.   The Pelicans were thrilled!  In fact they were quite willing to perform by catching the morsels thrown their way.

Another less ingenious fellow tried tempting them with an old pair of knee highs, but the Pelican wasn’t buying into his game.  We walked on and decided to snap a picture of me at the beginning of round 2.  I think it will be a good reference to look back on in July when I am near my goal weight of 170 lbs.  At weigh in on Tuesday, I was at 269 pounds.

Sunday, we went to another park in the area and got a short walk in with the grandkids as we fed the ducks and watched a box turtle sunning on the rocks in the pond area.  So, no bonus points, but it was a delightful day.