In week 2, I received my product and did my first week on the program.   At the group meeting to begin week 4 and end week 3, I had blood drawn and weighed in.  I had lost a total of 12 pounds. That is I started the program at 281 and was now at 269.2 on the scale.  I am proud and pleased with the loss and shared that in our group.

MY group meets on Tuesday evening and it is now Thursday morning.  I’ve had my cup of coffee, and am enjoying my morning shake.  I have a habit of weighing myself each morning.  It was suggested NOT to do this, but I find it helps me to stay focused on the goal.  Fortunately, I am losing and it is obvious by the scale.  Ali (group leader) says that weeks 4 and 5 will help to show what weight loss I can expect going forward.   By my home scale, I am on track this week to lose 5 pounds.

At weigh in, I was at 269.2 llbs.  My home scale, less clothes, etc – read 265 llbs.  So, there appears to be a difference of 4 to 5 pounds.  Some is clothing and some is time of day.  My home weights are am weights – post peeing.  My weigh in is at 6:00 PM.  

I am satisfied that my home scale is tracking my progress accurately.  It is motivational and I do realize how frustrating it can be to work hard and lose only a half pound.  Today, for me, I registered 260 on my home scale.  If I add back the 5 pounds for clothing and time of day, that puts me at 265 pounds – and at -4 pounds on day 2 of week 4.

Now, I need to begin to connect the dots to the issues that challenge me and that I repress with food.  Relationships is one suggested issue.  I am blessed to have a very supportive wife (who is not on the program) and family.  Are there some things that cause an uncomfortable feeling or dissatisfaction?  If these could be removed or improved, would that be something that might help me to not “repress” them with food?   

I’m thinking yes, but am not able to “openly” discuss them with my spouse at this time.  So, that appears to be a hurdle I have to get over.  Notice, I used the word “thinking” and not “know”.  Is it an attempt at procrastination?  Perhaps.