Today is a special day.  Mimi (Cathie) rousted me out of bed at 8:00 am to have my shake a little early so we could meet Catie, Danny and the girls at Discovery Lake for a ranger led hike.  Travis was our Ranger and he did his best to keep track of us (slowpokes).   We discovered that the beautiful purple bushes we could see on the mountains was California Lilac.   We walked 0.8 miles around the lake and then headed down the Discovery Creek trail.   After a slightly more difficult walk of 0.7 miles, Travis turned us around.   The trail actually went about a quarter of a mile further and would end up by St. Marks church.  We had taken the decomposed granite trail to that point and were instructed to take the asphalt trail (which parallels) back.  We did and then found Poppy Lane (I think) and got off the trail and walked up this gigantic hill for what seemed like forever.   Danny and Cailin ran ahead and from the top of the hill yelled back to me:  “Poppy, it is only 5 more houses from here…”   So, I did make it and we ended near where we had parked the car.   

We had a refreshing drink of water and drove to the top of Double Peak for our next part of our adventure.   It is an awesome hill to climb even in a car…. and we made it to the top.   Spectacular 360 degree view of San Marcos and more.

We had a good view of Santa Catalina Island 20 something miles off the coast as well as San Clemente Island.   To the east, we could see San Jacinto by Palm Springs, as well as San Gorgonio.   We could see Mt. Baldy and the San Bernardino forest with snow caps.   

We could see San Onefre to the north and San Diego to the south.   Coronado Island was visible as well.  I think it is my new favorite park!!!   I want to go back and explore some of the hiking trails.  And, I have set a goal for myself to be able to make the hike to Double Peak from Discovery Lake.   I will try to achieve it by the end of the year.

We rested at the top and low and behold, who should show up????   Our ranger – Travis – who had been back down the trail looking for us… He was glad to find us and we were delighted to see him again.   

So, we made the journey home for lunch.   Fulfill bullion and a shake.   I expended 160 calories on the hike.   Lunch amounted to 104 calories consumed.   Add that to the break fast shake at 8:30 am and it totals 188 calories consumed  with 160 calories expended in exercise.

I have lost 5 pounds (by my home scale) which is about 1 pound per day –  for those of us who are counting….LOL.