The day has been moving rapidly along.   Cathie and I went to Discovery Lake to walk.   It was a nice 85 degree day to get in our 1.6 mile trek.   We did it in 40 minutes just like yesterday, but I added a hill back into the Park on the way to the car.   Then we were off to Grandon Village for lunch.   First, I was served a refreshing Ice Tea.  Then came shake number 2 for the day.   OOOOO000.  Chocolate this time … laced with Raspberry sugar free Torrani syrup.   Sooo delicious!   I thought I was going to get soup, too, but I do not have enough product to have 2 per day.  So sad…

I am drinking 15 to 16 glasses (8 – 12 oz) of water per day, so I will have a glass of water to replace the liquid I would have had in the soup (which is part of the 16 glasses) and that will be todays lunch.  It is a Friday in Lent, so I am abstaining and fasting.  Calories in so far = 168 (2 shakes at 84 cal each).  Calories expended in exercise (walk) = 120.   So, I have a net intake of 48 cals so far today.

My glucose this morning was lower than usual.  It was 97 rather than 109 – 116.   We are attaching it closely.   By my home scale, I have lost 3-4 pounds since class on tuesday night.  I will get my official weight next tuesday at class.