Wow!  I stepped slowly onto my scale this morning.   And as a big grin flashed across my face, I realized, it was NOT a dream.   I really appear to have lost 3 – 4 pounds.   I have not been able to lose over the last few months.  That is what led me to Positive Choice!

Between the diabetes and the cardiac issues, it seemed to be almost insurmountable — at least to me!   Finally, it appears I am on my way.   And that is exciting.

I just finished my 1 cup of coffee for the day (had to cut back the caffeine) took my meds and drank my first of 5 shakes.  It was vanilla today with no Toranni sugar free.   Now, it is time for a discovery… that is, it’s time to WALK.  We will go to Discovery Lake and walk around it (0.8 miles) twice.  Yesterday, I was slow and it took 40 minutes.  Today, I will try to improve on that.

Then, I will work on my art.  I am sculpting a doll head in clay and I am finishing a painting of a  “Lady Pirate” onboard a ship, perhaps off the coast at Encinitas – 🙂 !   I also need to make to earings for Cathie to match the captured copper bead in black chainmaile bracelet I made for her last week.

Lunch will be broth and shake #2 at noon.   I have shakes at 9 am, Noon, 3 pm,  6 pm, and 9 pm. So, it works for me!